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Ready to Run? A Self-Screening Guide for
Shed the Excuses & Start Becoming a Better You
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"I didn't think I had any "problems" before going through the screen. The point was not to make a problem out of nothing, but to make me aware of subtle things that when addressed, made my whole body feel stronger & move more fluidly." 
-Leah, Collegiate Golfer 2020
Take control. Sort through what you CAN do on your own. 
  • Mobility Screen. 7 tests of your flexibility.
  • Neuromuscular Screen. 8 tests of how well your strength controls coordinated movements required for running. 
  • Extras! How to progress. What's a proper Warm-up. How to wake up your foot sensation. Green light, Yellow light, Red light what to make of your results. 
  • Developed by a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist in Physical Therapy based on movement screens, performance enhancement programs for athletes & a dozen years of experience. 
  • Stop injuries before they start. 20% of new runners develop a running related injury in the first year. Make sure your body is ready! 
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Don't Wait for New Years to Start Achieving Your Fitness Goals
Running being good for us is not new news.
*Combat Depression
*Have More Energy & Sleep Better
*Decrease Your Cardiac Risk Profile
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